About Debra Halligan

Deb Halligan is the clinical leader of the pacemaker/ICD clinic at North Shore Medical Center in Salem, MA. She has been responsible for providing and managing the care of patients with a pacemaker, loop recorder, and ICD. She was one of the early adopters or remote monitoring and has created and implemented a successful home monitoring (HM) practice for all ICD, loop and PM patients. She established safe home monitoring guidelines, created alert protocols, standardized the alert system across four vendors, and educated staff, physicians, and patients to the utilization of remote monitoring. She has presented on HM at Heart Rhythm Society in 2013, 2014, and will be presenting again in 2017. Her practice has been considered the gold standard by her peers during a 2012 roundtable discussion for Cardiovascular Business Journal. She has also written several articles for EP Lab Digest, sharing best practice. Deb joins Geneva Healthcare to provide her expertise in building their service model for remote monitoring.