Foothill Cardiology (Foothill), based in Pasadena, CA is one of the largest and most innovative cardiology providers in Southern California. It is one of Geneva’s longest-standing customers and has been using Geneva’s Remote Monitoring Service and the Geneva Platform since 2016 to help monitor patients with implantable cardiac devices, including pacemakers, defibrillators and loop recorders. BioTel Heart and Foothill have learned so much together and are constantly working together to ensure improved clinical workflow and patient care.

Foothill is also a long-term BioTel Heart customer using its suite of leading remote cardiac devices. It is the first cardiology provider to validate the integration of BioTel Heart cardiac device data and reports into the Geneva Platform. Through a continuous innovation process, both implantable and wearable cardiac device data are now available in one easy to use portal to build the Cardiac Continuum. This portal brings together Foothill validated and tested diagnostic and therapeutic information, ensuring an improved workflow and user experience for all stakeholders, including physicians to allied health professional staff and administrators.

“Having holter, event [and] telemetry reports combined with implantable cardiac device reports in one unified easy to use portal has simplified our physician workflow and streamlined patient care.”

– John Gonzalez, Director of Operations Foothill Cardiology

Cardiac Continuum