News Update: Geneva Hits 50+ Cardiology Practices!

Geneva Health Solutions (GHS), the leading cloud-based technology platform and service for managing data from implantable cardiac devices, announced it has hit a critical milestone for the number of practices using the GHS remote monitoring service and platform. In addition, the company secured a strategic investment and continues to innovate its technology, establishing it as the industry leader.

“Data from implantable cardiac devices has overwhelmed cardiac practices. We created the solution to allow doctors and allied health professionals to focus on the patient — not daily data management,” said Yuri Sudhakar, CEO of Geneva Health Solutions. “With our solution, clinicians can spend more time providing care for their patients by delivering clear alerts and actionable information directly to physicians and their staff when it matters most.”

Significant milestones for 2018 include:

  • Grew customer base – GHS’s platform is being used in more than 50 cardiology practices with 45 of those practices also using the Geneva Health Solutions Remote Monitoring Service, improving clinic profit 50 to 70 percent by eliminating workflow inefficiencies, optimizing reimbursement and providing device clinic resource backup. Customers include Nebraska Medicine, John Muir Health, Nevada Heart & Vascular, Arch Health & Vascular, Catholic Health- Long Island and Foothill Cardiology.
  • Increased patient reach – Today, more than 53,000 patients are in the GHS system and more than 20,000 are being monitored by the GHS Remote Monitoring Service, assisting overextended clinic staff, improving patient adherence and compliance as well as mitigating liability. GHS has become an extension of the device clinic staff.
  • Fully integrated solution – GHS has created a proven highly scalable solution to aggregate the explosion of remote monitoring data, streamline the data by integrating with over 14 different electronic medical record (EMR) software systems like EPIC, Allscripts and NextGen, and fully automate scheduling and billing.
  • Secured key strategic investors – GHS has raised over $8MM in the last two years from investors including Bootstrap Ventures, Waterline Ventures, Nebraska Medicine and Cohn Family Trust, a San Diego-based family office.

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