Doctors are implanting loop recorders at a ridiculously rapid pace for both syncope and cryptogenic stroke. ILRs are sleek devices offering simple implant technique, battery longevity, and follow up automaticity. What’s not to love?

Although these sexy little implantables can save lives, they are wrought with idiosyncrasies and work flow inefficiencies. But how would the average clinician know this? All manufacturers have cut back on clinical education. Company representatives are not as present in hospitals for many reasons. Hospital staff is overworked and has little time allotted for education. I pride myself on uncovering the inefficiencies and creating workflows for the devices I follow. But lately, I feel like all I’m doing is creating workflows for device shortcomings, not limited to ILRs but to all implantable cardiac devices. In an age of “LEAN” where work arounds are frowned upon, I’ve come to realize my device clinic is built upon work arounds. This is not the clinician’s fault, but the product of working in a technological world that purposely does not treat data equally. I have 9 different workflows to interrogate a pacemaker! This is based upon how the patient is seen; in person, remote, or trans telephonic. It then involves the manufacturer’s programmer, manufacturer’s website, and how the manufacturer delivers discrete data to our database and EHR. This flow is different with each company. Nurses have become gatekeepers of an information tidal wave but the levy is bound to spring a leak and important data will be missed. If I’m feeling overwhelmed in a highly functioning clinic, I can only imagine what is being felt at practices around the country that do not have the support or experience we have. Our common goal is to deliver world class patient care but we need help and support to do so. Geneva Health Solutions has created a platform that allows for discreet data flow across all vendors, simplifying data entry and reporting. They also offer remote monitoring as a service, “turning data into actionable solutions.” This allows the clinic nurse to receive actionable data through one source, thereby eliminating several workflow inefficiencies, and treating the patient, not the broken system. Geneva Health Solutions will revolutionize the CRM space by improving workflow, delivering meaningful data, and returning the nurses and doctors to doing what they do best; delivering top notch patient care.

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