Welcome to my Blog! As many of you who are part of a startup know, especially in digital health, it is rare when you actually get a chance to sit down and write about the company you are so passionate about. We, in the digital health space, are all running so hard and so fast to build our companies and create value in the healthcare continuum everyday. But I wanted to give visitors to our website some insight to what our company is all about and what drives us to work hard everyday- delivering data-driven patient care by building the best Remote Monitoring as a Service (RMaaS) offering in the cardiology space.

At GHS, we are running hard everyday (we call it the “Grind”) trying to build the best device management platform and provide the best service to our customers. We do this by listening to our customers, bringing innovative ideas that they may not have considered before and then executing. This helps us to continually refine our service offering and create best practices that we want to bring back to our customers across our network. Sometimes we often are bringing fresh ideas back to our customers who have been doing something the same way for many years and helping them unlock unfound value. And when I say we are running hard, every Genevan (what we call each other internally) is burning the midnight oil (or “Grinding”) to make sure we can deliver for our customers. It is incredible to experience and watch this small (but growing) group of individuals so committed, determined and passionate to deliver the best in data-driven patient care for our cardiology practice customers who are transitioning to remote monitoring as a standard of care. I am so proud to be part of this team.

We are in an interesting time in healthcare and particularly where GHS is laser-focused- cardiology and cardiology practices. Change is afoot. More and more patients have cardiac devices that have the ability to transmit data from their implanted devices all the time from their home. Gone are the days when patients have no other choice except to schedule a doctor’s office visit, wait when that day arrives, get in a car, drive across the city, park and wait to see their doctor in person. Although this standard of care and the face to face connection between patient and provider will never completely go away, the advent of remote (or home) monitoring allows both patient and provider to interact with each other virtually, more often and with greater convenience.

In May of 2015, Heart Rhythm Society recommended a strategy of remote monitoring become the standard of care for all implanted device patients. At GHS it is our mission to make this transition to this new standard of care an easier and more valuable experience so cardiology providers can better manage their patients beyond the walls of their practice.

At GHS, we often talk about our company purpose, mission and values. We live it, breathe it and eat it everyday. We hope that our customers experience our dedication, passion, and desire to innovate in the way that we communicate and behave. If you are coming to this site because you are a cardiology practice interested in learning about GHS and our RMaaS, potentially interested in joining GHS, or just simply coming to find out more about our company, I wanted to share with you five questions we often ask ourselves internally that help us define our purpose and mission.

Why do we exist?

We are building an extraordinary company helping providers improve care for their patients beyond the walls of their practice through data-driven patient engagement. In doing so, we want to help promote better health, help save lives and reduce the costs to provide better quality care.

How do we behave?

We put people (customers & employees first), behave with integrity and succeed together. We strive to be effective (doing the right thing), and then efficient (doing things right).

What do we do?

We aggregate remote monitoring cardiac device data from multiple device sources and transform this data into actionable information to improve patient care.

How will we succeed?

We will succeed by building the most relevant and useful device data management platform combined with a trusted remote monitoring service to help cardiology practices provide better care for their device patients.

What is the most important thing, right now?

Ensure we deliver an effective service to our current customers so they can improve care for their device patients through remote monitoring

My hope is that when you read this you get a sense of our company and our culture. It is why we will be the most effective and efficient partner to improve the quality of patient care. In my upcoming blogs, I will begin to share with you our company values, the different Genevans who exemplify these values and most importantly customers we are collaborating with everyday. Our customers are the reason we ask ourselves these questions. Our customers remind us why GHS exists in the first place.

Thank you