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Most cardiology practices struggle to implement a successful remote monitoring program. Why is making the transition so difficult?


Geneva Health Solutions

Your trusted partner in implementing a successful remote monitoring program for your cardiac device patients.

The Geneva Experience means PRACTICE SUCCESS

  • The GHS Team brings deep industry experience in cardiology, process re-engineering and technology as part of the Geneva’s Remote Monitoring Service
  • Utilizes a library of best practices & standard operating procedures to help providers make the successful transition to remote monitoring as a standard of care
  • Detailed understanding of implementing patient engagement workflows
  • Detailed on-boarding project management team, documentation and training to ensure successful launch and continual success
  • Geneva is a long-term solutions provider in collaboration with the cardiology practice
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  • A reliable, trusted service (technicians & technology) to ensure proper downloading, prepping and routing of cardiac device data reports
  • Full team of specialists including Remote Care Coordinators and Patient Engagement Coordinators
  • On-going training and continuing education in the Geneva University
  • Team of leading cardiologists, electrophysiologists, registered nurses and device technicians working for the practice
  • The leading cardiac device data management platform based on modern open API-based architecture
  • Serves as the “information chassis” between the Geneva Remote Monitoring Service and the cardiology practice
  • Purpose-built for remote monitoring data & work flows
  • Access the cloud-based platform, anytime & anywhere
  • Easier integration to EMR & billing systems
  • Continual feature/function updates to the platform
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The Value of Data-Driven Patient Care

In May 2015, the Heart Rhythm Society recommended a strategy of remote monitoring as the standard of care for all implantable devices*.

Published Benefits of Remote Monitoring:

  • Early Detection of Device Issues and Arrhythmias
  • Reduction in Hospitalization & Readmissions
  • Reduction in Mortality
  • Reduction in the Cost of Patient Care


(office visits only)


(office & remote visits combined)

  • Interaction with your patients is only in office

  • Patient is brought in quarterly or semi-annually

  • Access to data is only available during office visits

  • Incomplete snapshot of data

  • Minimal patient engagement between office checks

  • Patient interaction occurs both in-office & remotely

  • Quarterly remote checks combined with in-office visit(s)

  • Proactive alerting to device issues or episodes

  • More complete data provides personalized care

  • Quality patient care beyond the walls of practice

The Geneva RMaaS Experience

Combining best practices, telehealth services and the leading cardiac device platform to partner with your practice.

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